Mona Banki was born and raised in Dubai where she grew up exposed to many different kinds of music. During school breaks, Mona spent most of her time at her aunt's home business attending her aunt's aerobics and dance classes while dreaming of developing her own personal workout style profoundly inspired by music.

At age fifteen, Mona's early readings on spirituality prepared the ground for her introduction 8 years later to a famous ancestral cultural activity that reconciles mind, body and spirit. It prepared her for her life changing encounter with Yoga.

While in Hollywood, at age 22, Mona was introduced to Hot Yoga—a Yoga style embraced by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Madonna and many others. 

Mona obtained her Bikram Yoga certification in 2010 in Las Vegas, fostering her subsequent maturation as a respected Yoga instructor in Los Angeles over the next two years. In 2012 she launched Bikram Yoga Middle East, a Hot Yoga studio in Dubai, where she has since grown her practice by attracting a host of highly successful and influential clients. 

The early approach to breath that first emerged for Mona at age of fifteen has since evolved alongside a mature teaching philosophy that informs her yoga instruction today. Her personal workout style based on this philosophy is the foundation of her teaching approach, an approach that encourages students to develop their own personal, mindful, breathing style.

Mona has recently added Aerial Yoga instruction, a very promising and rapidly growing Yoga style, to her business offerings at Bikram Yoga Middle East. The instruction provides clients a means for more extensively experiencing the physical and conceptual air interface, It is also designed to provide students with additional steps towards more fully realizing Mona's breath control-based Yoga style