Born and raised in Dubai, Mona Banki grew up exposed to all kinds of music. During school breaks, Mona spent most of her time at her aunt's home business attending her aerobics and dance classes. She was dreaming to have her own style of working out profoundly inspired by music.

At fifteen, her first readings on spirituality prepared the ground for an encounter with yoga, 8 years later, with that famous ancestral cultural activity that reconciles mind, body and spirit, called Yoga.

While in Hollywood at 22, Mona was introduced to Hot Yoga, a Yoga Style very much appreciated by stars like, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Madonna and many others. 

She obtained her Bikram Yoga certification in 2010 in Las Vegas and became a very much appreciated teacher in Los Angeles.

She then started her Hot Yoga studio in Dubai in 2012, with very successful and influential clients ever since growing her customer base.

Her personal philosophy of breath, that started to emerge at the age of fifteen, then was shaping and developing. Her "own style of working out" was precisely being developed based on this very formation of her personal philosophy that actually consists in a teaching that supports students own development of personal mindful breathing style.

Today, Mona’s transitional conceptual step in terms of business development, is adding Aerial Yoga (a very promising and rapidly growing Yoga style) to her business offerings.

As a means of more extensively experiencing the air interface, both physically and conceptually, Aerial Yoga is meant to prepare the next steps towards her personal breath control based Yoga style.